Saturday, January 3, 2009

Little spud in the big city

Last spring, a new eatery just north of Union Square, New York City, was showing off a cutting edge menu: baked spuds with an array of delicious items to put on top. 
The proprietors were also showing off cutting edge window design in the form of authentic "gunnies." The very burlap containers that the dads of you, me, and every other true Idahoan worth their tubers have hanging in the garage, filled with various western items. 
In our case, that's the pump for my dad's fishing boat. 
We also have gunnies in the back of the family car. For what, I don't know. To carry firewood? Dispose of road kill? Keep the apples you've just gotten at a u-pick-'em orchard from rolling around in the back seat? To throw down in case you have to sit on something dirty? 
My dad says you can't go anywhere without a gunny.
But it's still weird to see a bunch of them on 18th Street.  

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